Hey my names Tim Graham. Im 25 and have been tattooing for 10 years. I started from home when I was 14 and opened a Studio in my home town of Lisburn when I was 19. I ran my own shop for 3 years and everything was going well but I got an invite to work in Australia
so I decided to go traveling to learn more about tattooing and work with different artists.

I spent two years in Australia, mainly around Melbourne and Sydney. After I had spent my time in Australia and my working visa was up I decided to come back to Europe to be closer to home so I moved to work in Germany for a few months before coming back home to see my family and friends. I worked with a lot of great artists while traveling and was able to learn a lot about the different styles of tattooing.

My favourite style to work in is Japanese but I enjoy doing every kind of tattoo from black and grey to traditional and I am always trying to better myself as an artist.

Instagram @deadmanshand_tattoos